Laminate flooring is designed to mimic hardwood floors and create a visually appealing floor without the high cost of hardwood floors. While laminate floors look great, they do need some special care, and you might have to occasionally rely on a professional laminate floor cleaning service. Here are some tips you can try for proper floor care.

Protect From Water

Water is the arch nemesis of laminate floors. That’s because the water could seep into the floor’s seams and cause damage from the inside, and you’ll only know about it when it’s too late. The floors would swell or develop bubbles. Water can also lead to staining or fading that might damage the aesthetics of your floors.

Clean Up The Spills Immediately

Food or drink spills might seem common, but on laminated floors, they can become a big issue. Laminated floors get stained pretty quickly, and it’s hard to remove the stains without damaging the floors. Moreover, the ingredients in the foods and beverages might also damage the finishing on the floors, and then it’ll be too difficult to restore them.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Working with a professional floor cleaning service will give a new life to your floors. These services use high-quality cleaning solutions that don’t damage the floors. They also use state-of-the-art cleaning tools that are gentle yet effective. Cleaning services also have trained professionals who know how to thoroughly clean the floors and give them a new shine.

Laminated floors in the gym

Keep Them Maintained

Don’t neglect your laminated floors just because you clean them regularly. Keep an eye out for scratches or shoe scuff marks, and remove them immediately. Check the manufacturer’s information regarding the maintenance of the floors. Moreover, you can also avoid dragging stuff on the floors or walking while wearing shoes.

Buff Occasionally

While this isn’t something you should be regularly doing, buffing laminate floors occasionally can improve their shine and give them a new look. But keep in mind not to use any harsh tools or solutions, or you will damage the surface of your floors. Instead, use a good quality microfiber cloth or mop, and use it in a circular motion to buff the floors.

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