Most homeowners prefer to buy high-quality carpets that add to the beauty and aesthetics of their homes while making their living space comfortable. Adding a simple carpet to any room can add to the luxurious feel of your home.

However, carpets are an expensive investment. And despite caution and care, carpets often bear the brunt of spills, stains, dirt, and scratches caused by moving furniture. Therefore, knowing some successful carpet cleaning techniques, such as steam cleaning, can come in handy for homeowners looking to preserve the shine and life of their carpets.

In this blog today, we touch upon some of the most successful carpet cleaning techniques that can help you with the maintenance of your precious carpets.

Act Immediately

One of the best tips that can help you preserve the freshness and luster of your carpets is to never let a stain sit. If there’s a spill, immediately grab a soft cloth and a homemade carpet cleaning solution to dab the stain immediately. This will help in making sure that the stain is removed swiftly and there’s no risk of it penetrating your carpet surface and becoming a permanent mark.

Know the Stain Type

The most common stains that can damage your carpet include ink, pet, beverage, and oil-based stains. Knowing the type of stain and the right cleaning technique for each stain can help you prevent your carpets. Research different cleaning solutions that are best for carpet and upholstery furniture cleaning beforehand. In case of a spill accident, test patch an area and then use the solution across your carpet.

Close-up of carpet fabrics

Blot, Don’t Rub

One thing to remember when dealing with carpet stains is that rubbing a stain is a bad idea. Rubbing can spread the stain or force it to penetrate your carpet’s top layer and damage its fibers. Whenever there’s a spill or stain that needs to be cleaned, we suggest blotting it to prevent further damage.

Vacuum Regularly

In addition to dealing with stains and spills, you also need to know the day-to-day techniques to help you with carpet cleaning. Vacuuming regularly is one such tip that homeowners vouch for. At best, vacuum your carpet every alternate day.

Get Professional Help As Well!

Despite our care and efforts, carpets can suffer damage due to wear and tear. So another successful carpet cleaning technique is to call professionals like us at Steambrite Carpet Cleaning for steam carpet cleaning. We also provide stone cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and deep cleaning services. Get in touch with us in Tarpon Springs today.

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