scary rugThat exquisite and plush carpet you have on your floor is a house of nasty secrets, did you know it? No doubt carpet flooring has its upsides but it can get really messy if not cleaned properly. Simple walking on it will gather dust and stains and if you have pets then more of it.
Did you think your floor was safe and hygienic for your kids to play?
Appearances can be deceiving, even if it looks clean there are a lot of scary things your carpet is hiding from you.

Here are 5 scary things that are lurking under your carpet:

Dust Mites

Did you know that you were living with a close relative of spiders and ticks? Yes, these are too tiny for you to see them without a microscope. The tropical warm and humid climate is just the right environment for it to grow. These creepy little things that feed on your dead skin flakes are called the pyroglyphidae. The next time your kid lies down on it you should be prepared for allergies and sneezing. This is one of the biggest reasons for dust allergies and symptoms of asthma in the country.


Walking with shoes on is a common thing and sometimes they can be really dirty. Even if you clean the dirt you may not be able to get rid of the infectious bacteria that came along. Statistics state that most of the deadly bacteria which can cause severe illnesses are carried under your shoes. Even if you are lucky enough to not have Salmonella or E.coli on the floor, you don’t need the other ones either to make you fall sick.


Your carpet is really good at soaking liquids which means cleaning it becomes more tough. This is why the problem of mold is existent and cannot be dealt with that easily. You can try steam cleaning but that will take you nowhere. Your carpet will take in all the water deep inside and that too so fast that you won’t get the time to blow dry it. This will leave it all moist and perfect for the mold to thrive. House cleaners are not powerful enough to clean and dry your carpet floors perfectly.


Would you be shocked to know that your carpet is a hub of chemicals? If you have been using your carpet for a long time then it definitely has accumulated a lot of chemicals in its fibers. Mostly these are residues of all the cleaning agents used over the years. In case of new carpets there are chances of dealing with 4-PC which gives away the new carpet smell, formaldehyde, benzene, acetone, toluene and styrene. These chemicals can be extremely harmful as they can even cause cancer.


Carpets can be called the allergen storehouse. Without proper cleaning these will remain forever. It is the most common reason for allergies all over the globe.

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