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No matter how hard you try to be careful and keep your carpet clean, sooner or later you’ll have a spill. How you handle it will determine whether or not that spill turns into a stain. Here are three common carpet stains and how to remove them.

Pet Stains

First, soak up liquids and pick up solids.. If there is already a stain on the carpet, or a smell, use 1/4 cup of white vinegar mixed in about a quart of warm water. Let the mixture soak in for a few minutes, then blot with a cloth or paper towel until dry. There are plenty of commercial pet stain cleaners out there, but make sure to look for a non-toxic, preferably green cleaner.


If you have kids, you will have fruit juice spills. The trick to removing a juice stain is to dry the area as quickly as possible by blotting it. The longer the juice sits, the more likely it will be to leave a stain on your carpet. When it is dry, combine white vinegar, a tablespoon of dish soap, and water in a spray bottle. Use enough of the mixture to saturate the stain. Let it sit for about ten minutes before blotting dry again.


Coffee stains are tough!. When cleaning a coffee spill, make sure the cloth you’re using  isn’t getting so soaked that you are inadvertently spreading the stain. Just like with juice, try the vinegar, soap, and water combo to get the stain out. If that doesn’t work, consider having a professional cleaning company come in to give your carpet a deep cleaning.

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