Hardwood floors are undoubtedly one of the most visually appealing and affordable home décor elements to add to your home. Making your living spaces sophisticated, hardwood floors elevate your home’s interior design by adding s style statement.

This is why knowing about hardwood floor cleaning and care techniques is essential for homeowners looking to get the best value for money. In this blog today, we have discussed some expert tips on hardwood floor cleaning that can help you preserve the luster of your flooring for many years.

Dry Mop and Sweep Regularly

Over time dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate on your hardwood floor, making it lose its natural shine. To prevent that from happening to your hardwood floor, daily sweep and dry mop your floor to brush away dust particles, allergens, and dirt. Taking out these polluting elements on the spot can help you protect your hardwood floor’s longevity.

Avoid Excess Water Damage

Moisture can warp wood and cause irreversible damage. Therefore, when conducting hardwood floor cleaning or wooden furniture cleaning, you must avoid excessive water use. In most cases, using a lightly wet cloth is enough to clean the surface without causing any underneath damage to your precious wood.

A coffee table on a rug on a wooden floor

Stay Away from Ammonia

Most store-bought cleaning solutions contain ammonia which is a harsh cleaning agent and can damage your hardwood floor. Therefore, homeowners are suggested to use gentle cleaning solutions made of vinegar and baking soda even when deep cleaning your hardwood floors.

Add Some Extra Protection

Another thing to consider when maintaining wooden floors is to prevent damage caused by heavy furniture. Install felt protectors and furniture pads beneath your furniture pieces to make sure your furniture is not damaging the hardwood floor. Avoid dragging heavy furniture on a hardwood floor, and always prefer lifting and placing to protect your floor.

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