The global carpet cleaning service is growing exponentially, and so is the market in the US. This is because, in recent years, many homeowners have come to realize the importance of hiring professional carpet cleaning services instead of trying risky DIY methods.

But even today, there are many carpet cleaning myths that continue to cloud our judgment when it comes to opting for the right practice. Therefore, in this blog, we are sharing five of the most absurd carpet cleaning myths that you should start ignoring right away!

Vinegar, Ammonia, and Dish Soap Are Good for Carpet

Vinegar goes into cooking, ammonia is abrasive in nature, and dish soap is not called carpet soap! If you think any DIY method circulated over the internet can help you keep your carpet as good as new, we suggest you rethink that notion. There’s a reason why some traditional carpet cleaning practices and specific cleaning agents are specified for the task.

Steam Cleaning Can Shrink Your Carpet Size

Now this one is a huge myth that surfaced when people started buying fast furniture and low-quality carpets. Such carpets can shrink whenever water-based cleaning methods such as steam cleaning or shampooing are used. However, if you have good quality carpet, steam cleaning will not do any harm to your carpet.

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Carpets Are a Cause of Allergies

Nope, that’s not happening! In fact, if you hire professional carpet cleaning services for deep cleaning of your carpets, you can prevent the onset of all allergies in your home. This is because dirty carpets can act as a breeding ground for mold, mildew, dust, and pollens which can aggravate certain allergies.

Vacuuming Every Day is Bad for Your Carpet

We hate vacuuming every day too! But that does not mean we spread a rumor about the harmful effects of vacuuming your carpets daily. Modern-day carpets are resistant, tough, and can do well even with a daily routine of dry cleaning.

Professional Cleaning Can Make a Carpet Dirty Quicker

Unless you’re hiring an incompetent carpet cleaning service with unskilled technicians, professional cleaning is great for your carpets. However, untrained professionals do a half job, thus leaving the residue of cleaning agents behind and allowing a build-up of grim on the carpet’s surface.

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