Pets are great to have around, but cleaning up after them is no less than a challenge. ‘Pet accidents’ contain a ton of different chemicals that can damage your carpets. Not just that, but these pet stains are also hard to clean, and no matter how much you clean, there’s always that pungent smell left behind. Find out how hard pet stains are to clean from carpets and why you need to professional carpet cleaning service.

Traces Of Ammonia

Pet urine contains different bacteria, uric acid, and ammonia. This ammonia can become concentrated over time and can stain your carpets permanently. This happens when the ammonia reacts with the carpet fibers and acts as bleach. Once bleached, the carpet can’t be restored to its original color, and you’ll have a permanent stain.

Bacteria Build Up

In case your pet has an infection, especially leptospirosis, the infection will also be present in your pet’s urine. If it’s not cleaned immediately, the infection can lead to bacteria buildup in the carpet. Not just that, but this infection can be passed on to humans in case they come in contact with it. Once your carpet is contaminated with these bacteria and infections, it’s quite difficult to clean it thoroughly.

A dog on the carpet

Lingering Smell

Pet accidents leave a distinct smell due to the acidic nature of pet urine. This lingering smell is quite overpowering and difficult to clean. Your carpets also absorb this smell, so each time you’re around the carpet, you can still smell it even after you’ve cleaned it thoroughly. A deep carpet cleaning using a professional service is the best way to eliminate the smell.

Carpet Fibers

Your carpets are made with thousands of tiny fibers that can absorb your pet’s accidents. Normal cleaning agents aren’t equipped to clean these stains. These cleaners only clean the surface level. So, after a while, all the germs build up in the carpets, and it’s impossible to clean the carpet. Moreover, these fibers offer the perfect environment for more bacteria and mold to grow. This bacteria growth also harms the air quality of your house.

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