How Long Does It Take Carpet to Dry After Being Cleaned?

The average carpet gets used multiple times a day no matter which room it’s in, and it doesn’t take long before dirt and grime begin to stack up. Depending on when you had it cleaned last, it could have dirt, mud, pet hair, germs, dead bugs, and more lurking beneath its surface.

Steam cleaning is the best way to keep your carpet looking great. Many homeowners wonder how long it will take before the carpet is dry and can be used again. We’re going to answer that question and then look at what may affect the drying time and how you can shorten it.

Carpets Should be Steam Cleaned for Maximum Efficiency

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective techniques used in cleaning carpets, especially in high-traffic areas with a large amount of dirt and debris. With this technique, a heated cleaning solution is applied to the carpet to get deep into the fibers and loosen up the dirt. Then, a powerful truck-mounted, steam-cleaning fiber rinse is used to remove the dirt and the cleaning solution.

This process typically takes approximately 48 to 72 hours to dry completely. However, a professional carpet cleaning company can apply a drying technique that will get it done in approximately 12–24 hours.

Three Factors That May Affect a Carpet’s Drying Time

The drying times listed above are very accurate, but they’re also approximates depending on a few different factors.

Here are three primary factors that may affect drying time:

Carpet Materials

There are several different types of carpet materials, each of which can be a factor in calculating drying time. Wool carpets, for example, absorb more moisture, which will add to the drying process. Carpets that are made of nylon and polyester, however, are less absorbent and, as you’ve probably guessed, take less time to dry.

Humidity Level

Your home’s humidity level is definitely a big factor in drying time. The lower your home’s humidity, the more quickly the carpet will be able to dry. This is why it’s recommended that you open windows and doors to allow fresh air to come in and replace the more humid air that’s accumulated inside your home.


The final factor that will often determine a carpet’s drying time is the temperature of your home. What you should shoot for is to keep your home between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow the moisture left from the cleaning process to evaporate more quickly, thereby lessening the time it takes to dry.

How to Speed Up the Carpet Drying Process

If you’re afraid of having a wet carpet in your home for too long, there are ways to speed up the drying process:

  • Open Doors and Windows — Opening windows and doors is an easy way to speed up drying time. This is because as air circulates, the fresh air from outside will replace the more humid air inside.
  • Use a Dehumidifier — Many homeowners who live in humid areas will use a dehumidifier to dry out their air for health reasons. However, it is also effective in helping a carpet dry faster after it has been cleaned.
  • Set Up Floor Fans — Ceiling fans can speed up drying, but given the distance from the floor, you shouldn’t count on them alone. Instead, set up a floor fan at the entrance to the room and in one or two other spots, as needed.
  • Wet Vacuum Cleaner — As the name implies, a wet vacuum cleaner will suck up the moisture from your carpet. Going over it once or twice can reduce the drying time.
  • Move Furniture — Whenever you get your carpet cleaned, you should move as much furniture from the area as possible. If you move the furniture back too soon, these areas may not dry as quickly.

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