Tile shine is the one thing that keeps your bathroom looking fresh and new. If you don’t take care of your tiles, they’ll develop buildup, and that’ll ruin their shine and look. But what causes this buildup, and why do the bathroom tiles lose their shine over time? We’ve created this guide to help you understand why you should invest in a professional tile cleaning service to keep your bathrooms and tiles well-maintained.

Chemical Damage

Cleaning supplies aren’t the only ones responsible for chemical damage to the tiles. Instead, many things in your bathroom can damage the top layer of the ties. For example, too much usage leads to higher wear and tear on the tile. This causes the top coating to slowly disappear, and once that coating is gone, even the residue from your shampoo or soap can seep into the tiles and damage them.

Life Of The Tiles

Even though modern tiles have a longer lifespan, ultimately, there comes a time when the tiles are beyond repair. If you keep using the tiles well beyond their lifespan, your bathroom won’t look as clean and glossy as it once did. The lifetime of your tiles is also affected by the environment, water, cleaning solutions, and cleaning techniques. Aggressive cleaning solutions and methods will deteriorate the tiles faster.

Tiles in the bathroom

Dirt Buildup

Bathrooms have a lot of moisture, and this moisture, combined with dust, dirt, grease, and bacteria, can cause buildup on the tiles over time. As a result, the tiles can look dirty and discolored. Moreover, no matter what kind of tiles you use, they all contain pores. Once the dust and grease settle in those pores, cleaning the tiles and restoring their original shine will be nearly impossible.

Possible Solutions

Investing in professional cleaning services is the best way to maintain the look and shine f your bathroom tiles. Professional cleaners use the latest tools and high-quality cleaning solutions to deep clean your bathroom tiles. Ideally, you should hire such cleaners at least once a year to thoroughly clean your bathroom and increase the lifetime of the tiles.

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